Sarah Jegelka

Intuitive Medium & Naturopath

Sarah is an intuitive healer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. The focus of her work centres around themes of ancestral family baggage, psycho-somatic and subconscious patterns that may be causing mental or physical blockages.

With the inherited cell memory and the wisdom of the body & soul Sarah is opening the door to the subconscious field and guiding people through deep processes towards inner transformation, alignment and healing. 

“Due to my own healing journey with fibromyalgia, chronic bladder infections, fatigue syndrome and many life questions, I started to study conventional and holistic medicine, naturopathy, trauma therapy, nutrition and hypnosis. Initially not knowing that the biggest treasure would be the rediscovery of my intuitive forces and medial capacity. On my way to healing myself I started to feel and see the energy field everything is embedded in. The field that connects the past, the present and the future; a door to the collective knowledge, ancestral wisdom, and universal consciousness. A gateway to a new, yet known inner world.

This is where I lead you in my 1:1 Energy Field Reading sessions. I guide you to meet your inner dimension. Opening a safe space for transformation and healing – to release old wounds, let go of inherited patterns and invite wisdom and healing.”

Treatment areas: life crisis, psychosomatic symptoms, trauma, grief & loss, fertility & conception.

Sessions online & offline in English, German and Spanish


1:1 Energy Field Reading



Family Constellation Work