Malin Mohr

“My body has become my best friend and personal guide.” 

In the Rolling Tiger Studio, Malin holds a nurturing space to support you in discovering your body as your home.  A 1:1 holistic bodywork session includes conversation, movement and massage. Here a safe space is held for you to build a trusting relationship with yourself, your body and your life experiences, enabling you to tap into yourself and your unique rhythm. Malin guides you through integrating emotions, overcoming obstacles and expanding the wisdom of your own body into a flow of energy.

Malin grew up in transition between several cultures and languages. Tapping into her personal sense of belonging has been a process that taught her how empowering it is to listen honestly to her own body. For years her connection with horses trained her in body language and leadership through Freedom Based Horsemanship. Now, this supports her practice as a Pantarei Approach Practitioner with a special sensitivity to tap into the body’s resources and include the body in communication. 

As an architect and urban designer she has learned how our outer world is often a reflection of our inner processes. Allowing ourselves to prioritise our own health and wellbeing is a crucial part of shaping a healthy, inclusive and socially sustainable world.

1:1 sessions in English, German and Danish


Pantarei Approach Practitioner


Urban Designer