Laura Wecke

It was her wish to be a mother that made Laura realise how little she was connected to her feminine side, to her cyclic nature, and the rhythm of her own body. She decided to explore this hidden field and to dive into her own femininity. Julia Wunderlich and the rolling tiger project accompanied her through her pregnancy, early motherhood, and through the process of reconnecting to her inner wisdom. Laura now assists Julia/@rollingtigerberlin in her workshops and sister circles, providing and holding space for other women and their processes.

More about Laura: “I love movement. Dancing, running, swimming, yoga – I feel most at home when I move. More than eight years ago, I started sharing this passion with others and I am still amazed by the intelligence of the body, especially the immense power of the breath. At the moment I am exploring the secrets hidden in the pelvic floor, a topic that is very important to me and which I would like to share more about soon.

I also feel inspired by the Ayurvedic lifestyle. In my free time, I love to carefully make homemade Ghee – to then give it away to my friends and family. In May, I am going to attain a training in Ayurveda massage together with tigress @jusuni_, which I am very excited about!”