Lara Süß

In 2019 Lara’s journey as a tigress began – when she fell in deeper with her own Yin; assisting circles and workshops of founder Julia Wunderlich/ @rollingtigerberlin and expanded her knowledge about intuitive women’s work. 

As the founder of @__motherlover__ it’s her passion to offer sacred spaces for moms. That’s why weekly prenatal Yoga classes, monthly single mama circles as well as pregnancy retreats took place in the rooms of rolling tiger the last years.

“I have always had a fascination for growing pregnant bellies, birth, and moms but since my own pregnancy, I am in pure AWE of everything that has to do with becoming and being a mother. Through my own experiences, I have dived deeper into different topics of motherhood. I noticed how important it is to be nourished not just during the pregnancy but throughout the whole lifetime as a mom in order to be the mother you wish to be. I experienced a lack of understanding and compassion in our society for this immense task mothers have to fulfill; not just birthing but also raising the new generation. Whatever it is that supports a woman in her individual journey into motherhood, I am always happy to help her go her very own way.“



Khalsa Way Yoga Teacher