Ignacia Escobar

I am a sister, daughter and mother. I am a Latin American woman grateful to have been born in that part of the world. I grew up in Chile and currently live in Berlin with my family. Since my teenage years, I have been searching for new knowledge and experiences that can help me to understand what life is – and how we can make it more harmonious and fairer for all beings that inhabit the earth.

My studies at university oriented me to serve children and adults as a speech therapist. However, my path as a therapist began with my personal healing. I was still a child as I began to search for alternative techniques such as yoga, meditation and ancestral rituals. As I grew older I have met teachers and masters who guided my path and pushed me out of my comfort zone. My training in Yoga and sacred femininity has led me to travel through Latin America, Europe and India.

After giving birth to my son in a natural water birth in 2019, I experienced a fundamental transformation – my identity and relationship with my environment had suffered an irreversible break. A new woman had been born in me. This awakened in me the curiosity to know how other cultures and women live motherhood. By talking to other mothers, I realized the lack of care that women confront, not only in pregnancy or childbirth but especially during the postpartum period. Suddenly, I could perceive how this visible and invisible violence permeates our societies – this revelation has since then led me to become a Doula.

Childbirth is a rite of passage. In addition to receiving medical care, it is essential to find someone to guard your space and to recognize and support your personal transformation.I have a holistic approach and is based in traditional cultures, which remind us of the connection with nature, our bodies and the importance of the community. I also integrate knowledge from Yoga and Ayurveda into my work.

As a doula, I help you strengthen your confidence and freedom to choose how you want to give birth. My mission is to help you find your own unique formula to grow and flourish through these challenging times. If our culture were more aware of the importance of birth and motherhood, understanding them as processes that transform not only women but society as a whole, the world we inhabit would be completely different.

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Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Support

Bengkung Belly Binding

Mamma Blessing ceremony

“La Cerrada”, The closing ceremony

Placenta remedies for the Postpartum

Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga