Carmen Hearne

Carmen Hearne is a Medicine Woman, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master.

Carmen Hearne brings awareness of the deepest calm and connection at the heart of oursearch for healing, awakening, and peace. She nurtures our bodies and beings as sacredvessels of wholeness, teaching us how to ground in deeply and center ourselves amid thenoise and busyness of modern life. In everything she gives there is a vital wisdom andpresence of harmony that connects us with Mother Earth, all of Nature and our Spiritual Light.

She derives much of her inspiration what she calls “The World Mother Tree”, that carries thesacred breath of the planetary birth and growth cycles that we are a part of. Carmen translates the rich and diverse language of the sacred landscapes she communes with into flower teacher essences and healing teas used in tea ceremonies that are lovingly grown or collected on her walks of wisdom.

Carmen is a regular contributor to a monthly world-wide online gathering called the “Divine Pollination Community Healing Circle” in which she shares the gifts of Healing and Vibrational Energetic Essences.

She is a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher, a dynamic style of yoga in which movement and breathing combine to create a flowing experience for expanding, relaxing, and calming our physical forms.

She also offers classes in Prenatal and Postnatal yoga for mothers wishing to learn the  deeper wisdom and process of healthy and conscious birthing.  

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Reiki: Harmony Healing Sessions for connection of Heart, Mind and Body

Vibrational Energetic Exchanges of Light and Presence 

Vibrational Flower Essences and Ceremonial Tea blends

Guidance of the Yogic Principles of Flow Alignment and Movement